Lessons From 5 Years Collaborating In Virtual Teams

More and more people are switching to virtual teams – I mean, why wouldn’t you? No more lost and exhausting commuting time, no more pointless sitting in traffic (ok ok you use that time to listen to ebooks on audible, but still!), no rushing to get out the door in the morning… Those one or two hours a day that you used to dread can now be put to good use. You can cook yourself a great lunch, go to the gym and have a shower or take that 15 power nap you keep reading about. Whatever pleases you!


How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Team Collaboration

Teamwork has always been a challenge for individuals. As teams grow, collaborating becomes more complex and steps become less clear. There is more to remember to do, more opinions to ask for, more clarifications to run by the others. The individual cannot act alone. Arranging these steps in a logical order in a non-invasive way is the key to a smoothly-functioning team. Getting the workflow right will also reduce stress and anxiety of those on the team, leading to more happiness and the ability to feel and be more productive. We have many technologies that partially solve workflow issues, but non is as comprehensive and intuitive for teams as Twoodo.

There are many websites and companies out there offering team collaboration tools or social collaboration solutions. The sheer amount proves that something still isn’t quite right. No-one has truly cracked the nut yet. Although the benefits of using a social collaboration platform are indisputable, the problem is finding the right tool and getting your team to adopt it. Many existing solutions are only aimed at tracking tasks (todo lists, shares task lists, task management apps), but that’s just adding another tool to your belt. Others are only for communicating (chat tools, messaging tools) – but that’s adding an extra tool on top of your email. Some do both, but they forget that we are human beings that need to be wooed into doing something – they forget that you can’t separate communication from tasks. Let’s go over some of biggest pains that teams have with adopting social collaboration tools and how to overcome them.
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How to use Twoodo for Getting Things Done (GTD)


Being overwhelmed with thoughts, tasks and ideas is a common thing these days. But it doesn’t have to be this way – especially not when you have Twoodo to organize the chaos of your thoughts.

Step 1: Enter all your thoughts and actions into Twoodo

The huge advantage of Twoodo is its speed and flexibility. By simply typing what’s on my mind I can…


Productivity research by Gregory Ciotti, behavioral psychologist

I fell upon this article while browsing the web by Gregory Ciotti (a behavioral psychologist). He made a great video of the essential finds from his research on productivity – definitely worth a watch:

The article is quite meaty and takes some time to read but give fascinating insights into some really simple steps to get us doing more with our time – rather than dragging out tasks over a whole day, week or month. I had never considered “willpower” to be an exhaustible resource before! Take some time out to read Gregory’s excellent and simple actionable advice.

Link to the article: http://www.sparringmind.com/productivity-science/

The do.com alternative – come discover Twoodo

Dear do.com users,

We’re sorry to hear that your favorite task management tool is letting you down. It wasn’t you, it was them. But no need to worry – Twoodo is the perfect do.com alternative.

Why Twoodo?

Twoodo and its’ team care about helping you focus on what is important to you and and making it as fast and natural as possible. As a do.com alternative, Twoodo allows you to not only keep track of your projects and to-do lists but also communicate efficiently with all of your teammates and clients on the topic at hand, essentially removing the pain of email mess and stress as well as the shortcomings of IM. Twoodo is simple, so you’ll be up and running in no time. Twoodo is the perfect do.com alternative.
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Thoughts on Twoodo: Tara Rodden Robinson, executive productivity coach

Take a look at most any email you have in your inbox–that is, one that’s actually addressed directly to you–and you’ll see what I mean. Most messages are a mishmash of action items, requests, queries, and information. And most likely, those are the kinds of emails you send to people you work with. Now that kind of conglomeration works–maybe not well, but it works–for email. But not for a social technology tool, like Twoodo. 

Twoodo is like Twitter for task management, a tool that lets teams turn conversations into actionable steps. You can create and manage tasks, messages, calendar events and notes from the same place, simply using hashtags. Twoodo is designed so that the amorphous glob of text you receive or send out is parsed out into its component parts, each one in its own post. 


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Simplification of commands AND sticky tags AND saved searches: ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!

1) Hashtag overhaul

As our long-term users know, the earlier versions of Twoodo involved learning the use of “#”, “>” and “*”. During our testing of Twoodo, we noticed that our multiple commands created a barrier to new users and increased the learning curve. User satisfaction is a crucial step to make people fall in love with us, so we wanted to deal with this issue as efficiently as possible.
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