Stop wasting all the interesting articles you find online!


Here is how you can use Twoodo to follow through on all your reading, store articles you don’t have time to read yet, share them, keep a clear list, remember key information points and then finally act on it when the time is right (which is most likely not going to be right now).


Organize your readings.

Here is how I organize my readings on Twoodo. I collect lots of interesting articles all day long (mostly through Twitter and an app we love called Feedly). Once you have that amazing article link ready but no time to read it and you want to store it, just copy and paste it, then add some hashtags to it! Here’s a step-by-step example:

1. Log in


2. In the command box:

Use + to create a group, project or team (or use an existing group)


3. Add a hashtag:

This tells you what it is, so that you can easily find it again


4. Add as many tags as you like

a) to make sure it appears under the right categories, and
b) so you can find it in the future


5. Once it’s ready, click “send”


6. Your post appears:

  • in your feed, and
  • the feed of the team/group/project that you assigned to it with +

7. To add more thoughts, todos, comments, notes associated with that article etc.:

Click on the “comments” option in the sub-feed


8. You can organize:

Organize ideas or notes that you want to remember from the article by using #notes or #ideas (or any word you like). Use @[email protected] to send it via email and use @username to make the message appear in someone else’s feed.



9. Take action


Create actions to take on what you just read.


You can assign it so someone else, even if they are not using Twoodo (YET!) via email as so: @[email protected]


If you do not assign a particular person, it is automatically assigned to you. You can see the task in your personal task list.


If you want an entire group to act upon the task, just use +teamA instead of @username.

Once it’s in the task list, it’s just a question of WHEN you’ll get it done. It could be now, could be in a week or more doesn’t matter – but the chances of you acting on it dramatically increase.


  • Never lose an interesting article
  • Find the articles you need when you need it in just seconds
  • Don’t just read to read, read to act and get things done!
  • Share what you read, your thoughts on it and collaborate

Find out more with this quick video!