Stop getting interrupted at work – get loved by your colleagues instead

Getting interrupted at work – is there anything more frustrating? If the scenarios above are pretty common for you, then listen up. It’s not helping your productivity as well as the productivity of others around you. And this will not lead to you being loved by your colleagues.


How can social collaboration tools help?

Here’s a testimonial from one of our users:

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In a social tool setting, I’m able to ask a bunch of questions to my colleagues without them having the feeling of being spammed. For example, this user put an idea up in the +twoodo-buzz group to record it for herself but also so that anyone in the group could react and offer helpful advice.

part 1

The user can see who has read her message, and when, without having to send lots of follow-up messages. As well as that, she has a useful tip for her query. The data can be used later and chopped up into actionable items. She creates a task for herself within the conversation – when she checks her task list, the context will be there as well as all the new information from her colleague(s).

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It seems ridiculously obvious, but this lowers a huge amount of interruptions whilst you are working. There is no need to wait around to see if someone is free to answer a question for you. There is no doubt about whether they read your email or not. As well as that, you yourself are not distracting your colleagues from their work at innocent but inopportune moments.

Here is another great example of what we call an “actionable conversation“:


How do I find out what I have to do?

First, go to the left menu and click “todos”.


Next, click on the @ symbol and choose your name (or whoever’s activities you want to see). Once decisions have been made and tasks have been assigned, it is on the team members’ action lists. However, you will only see the actions assigned from projects or groups the both of you have in common.


What you are left with is a clear list of all the tasks that you need to complete, which can be filtered by tags. This user has decided to filter by “last update”, but you can filter by priority or due date if you wish.

part 6

People love knowing precisely what they have to do and are happy to go through the list to get it done. It’s fast and simple. Unlike email, which can be cumbersome at best…

part 2

Don’t get interrupted at work by silly little things again.

Check out this quick video the see how you can use Twoodo with Emails

Twoodo social collaboration tool

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