How to use Twoodo for Getting Things Done (GTD)


Being overwhelmed with thoughts, tasks and ideas is a common thing these days. But it doesn’t have to be this way – especially not when you have Twoodo to organize the chaos of your thoughts.

Step 1: Enter all your thoughts and actions into Twoodo

The huge advantage of Twoodo is its speed and flexibility. By simply typing what’s on my mind I can…


  • quickly write and organize my thoughts
  • easily find them and turn them into tasks when needed
  • share them via email or with my team
  • create a shopping list, reading list, anything list in seconds..

…and add action steps later on. Everything becomes organized easily through #hashtags, and everything can become actionable!


After logging in, I let it all out. I write everything: personal tasks like fixing the dishwasher (+personal #todo call the plumber)…


…or creating a list of priorities for a project (+twoodo-buzz #todo redesign the logo) – you get the idea.


By using + I can create groups, teams or projects instantly, and add people so they can view the activity.


Or I can keep them just for me. It’s total privacy or open sharing, as you like it.


I installed the iPhone app to make sure that wherever I was,  I could enter information and access it.

screenshot in real

After this step, I made it a rule to at least check it once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once at night. The fact that I could easily access the information helped my mind not go back into the habit of mentally listing things (which was not very reliable).

From that time on, I felt more focused. I knew what I needed to get done, I just needed to make sure it had the right priority. When I wasn’t at work, I didn’t need to think about it, I knew I had a reliable system I could count on to keep track of all the information. If an idea came up while walking in the park, I wrote it down and didn’t need to think about it again until I got the office and could define the actions to take then.

Twoodo is more than a productivity app – it’s a way of life. Check out this quick video to see how I store everything and anything with Twoodo.


Twoodo Tutorial – Getting Started #2 – Personal Todos & Notes from Twoodo on Vimeo.