Smartphone apps on their way!

Apps, apps, apps for all!

We’re super excited here at Twoodo as we are about to release a Beta version of the iPhone app and a pre-Beta version of Android in the coming week.

We’ve been working long hours to get them out as quickly as possible in collaboration with a small group of elite users to bring you the great experience of the webapp onto your smartphone. You’ll be able to communicate with your team, share notes on the go, and manage your tasks while you’re going to work or out of office.

Here is an outline of how they work:

1. A quick “how to”:



2. A little demo:













…smooth! More please!
















3. Get started!

The Twoodo mobile apps are going to make collaboration, in combination with our web app, as simple as “type and swipe”.  Global teams, global enterprises, project freelancers… imagine how easy collaboration will get when Twoodo goes multi-platform!

Please contact us for access to the apps if you really cannot wait until the release!

…and don’t forget to tell your friends :)



  • Nhật Ooker

    Will you make app for Windows Phone? I use Nokia Lumia 525

    • David Arnoux

      Hi! This is definitely in our backlog. I cannot confirm on the date of arrival though. We’re working as fast as we can :)

      • Nhật Ooker

        Great to hear that. Also, if possible, can you make the due date of a task syncs with Google Calendars? Thank you.

      • David Arnoux

        Yes we should have that within 2 weeks max :)