Closing Twoodo

Dear Users.

We are really sorry to announce that Twoodo will be closing down as of January 5th 2017.
We will cancel all future payments to the platform as of the end of December.

You can export your todo list in csv format, see below image:


We realize this will come as a disappointment to a lot of you but we would like to personally thank you for trusting us with your communication needs. We highly appreciated all of your feedback and our various interactions.

Why are we closing?

It has been a long and enriching past 5 years, filled with highs and lows alike. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to get Twoodo on a path of sustainability. We are now unable to maintain the platform and do the necessary upgrades to keep high standards of customer experience. We tried very hard to keep Twoodo alive but in the end, we have to shut it down.


It will depend on your needs, but here is a list of possible alternatives:
Trello: highly flexible, very easy to use, mobile app, and free
Slack: messaging app for your team with third-party integrations
Asana: shared task list to help teams track their work


If you have any questions or special requests. We will try our best to do what we can. Simply contact us here.

  • Raghu

    Why cant you open source your platform or ask startup to self host and If you love something then set it free :) Don’t give up

    • Lothar Scholz

      The code might contain 3rd party code he can’t open source and it might be so ugly that he wont anyone see it. I assume the last.

  • CarHelpline

    i enjoyed your pitch and wonder what went wrong… wish you all the very best though!

    • Lothar Scholz

      Too much competition and not begin good enough with too few unique sales points.