Mixpanel Integration

Twoodo is an awesome collaboration tool helping you and your team to reach your goals by transforming your communication into workflows. But have you ever thought of having the tools you use every day simply dripping useful information into your Twoodo?

You’ve set up Mixpanel to know everything you need to know about your websites visitors. Now Twoodo helps you jump to the next step with an awesome integration of Mixpanel to your collaboration platform. You can have all your Mixpanel notifications simply dripping into your Twoodo for your team members to get the informations without having to look for it. Any notification can directly assign a task to who is concerned by the information!

How does this help my team?


Twoodo helps you collaborate with your team around Mixpanel notifications by:

  • Dripping your Mixpanel into any specific team on your Twoodo
  • Transforming any Mixpanel notification into a task
  • Allowing you to communicate with your team and create actions directly from a Mixpanel notification

 Back on Twoodo, you can fill out the customisation option for notification (team, related # and format)

Save your energy for what really matters, Twoodo can do the rest for you !


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