Trello integration

Twoodo is an awesome collaboration tool because it helps you and your team reach your goals by transforming your communication into workflows. But have you ever thought of having the data you use every day simply dripping in your Twoodo conversations to make it even more painless to access to information?

You love using Trello to organise your projects into boards. Now collaboration has jumped to a new dimension on Twoodo by integrating Trello to our collaboration platform. You can brainstorm around boards and follow the entire life cycle of your project with clear organised conversations and task lists!

How does this help my team?

Twoodo helps you collaborate with your team on Trello Boards by:

  • Syncing all existing information from Trello to Twoodo
  • Creating new conversations and posts when cards are moved around on Trello
  • Dripping targeted information from Trello into Twoodos’ teams activity feeds
  • Allowing full collaboration around boards (assigning tasks, creating due dates, listing, organising…)
  • Sending notifications when a team members updates information on the boards

Save your energy for what really matters, Twoodo can do the rest for you !


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