Google Calendar Integration

Twoodo is an awesome collaboration tool because it helps you and your team reach your goals by transforming your communication into workflows. But have you ever thought of having the data you use every day simply dripping in your Twoodo conversations to make it even more painless to access to information?

You love using your Google Calendar to organize your schedule and keep track of your work days. Now you can also add your task list to have a clear view and be sure to have everything done by the end of the day!

 How does this help me?

Twoodo helps you to be more organized with this Google Calendar integration by:

  • Giving your a clear overview of your task list during the week to help you schedule meetings when you are the less busy
  • Making the link between your conversations and your schedule
  • Allowing you to simply add a task directly from your Google Calendar on your Twoodo
  • Helping you reschedule tasks while having a global view of your work load
  • Syncing your Twoodo and your Google Calendar permanently

Save your energy for what really matters, Twoodo can do the rest for you !


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