Google Drive Integration

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Twoodo is an awesome collaboration tool because it helps you and your team reach your goals by transforming your communication into workflows. But have you ever thought of having the data you use every day simply dripping in your Twoodo conversations to make it even more painless to access to information?

You already have a lot of documents on your Google Drive, why not sharing them on Twoodo in just 2 or 3 clicks ?


How does this help my team ?

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Twoodo helps you to collaborate around your Google Drive documents by:

  • Broadcasting a Google Drive document to your team
  • Sharing any Google Drive documents in a conversation just with a simple Copy/Paste of the URL
  • Browsing your Google Drive documents directly from your Twoodo file view
  • Assigning tasks to yourself or a team member on a Google Drive document within your conversation
  • Adding due dates to a document or on the next step to accomplish
  • Tagging your documents by project, by client or by subject directly in your conversation

Save your energy for what really matters, Twoodo can do the rest for you !


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