Twoodo and Eric Ries


Twoodo is delighted to be taking the stage at an Eric Ries even to be held on Monday March 2nd in Amsterdam.



We’ll be presenting our case in front of 1000+ people to talk about how Twoodo has succsfully implement lean principles to build and grow our company and product.

Here’s some context on what we will be covering.

Twoodo has built the future of online teamwork. Our Saas platform caters to a rapidly growing number of small, medium and remote teams empowering them to communicate, manage projects and reach their goals like never before. Our first challenge is that we evolve in a competitive industry forcing us to move very fast. Being a resource constrained startup we have been using lean methodology since day 1 to limits risks, gain speed and test features before actually building them. One of our mottos: “Fail fast on small tests in order to find success”. Our second challenge is that Twoodo is a team collaboration tool, this means that we must convince entire teams to adopt our tool and not just a single user. To delight these teams, we’ve built Twoodo with a user-centric approach. It is built for the user and based on user data and feedback. Being in a competitive space, we also use a lean approach (which we refer to as “growth hacking”) to our customer acquisition and marketing efforts. Everything is tested and measured. Lean and experimentation are at the core of our company DNA.

If you’d like to attend please sign up here! Only 17 days left to book


  • marybeth muldowney

    Sounds like an interesting concept! Best of Luck with your presentation.