4 Updates for more awesomeness


After receiving hundreds of requests and suggestions from our beloved users we’ve made some improvements and a design refresh which are going to make things simpler and better for you.

Here are 4 updates that will make your life with Twoodo better:

1- Simple navigation

Everything to the left: In a single click, get all your tasks, files, calendar events and team conversations:




Then simply use the central filter to filter by team, topic or person.




2- Smart input box

We’ve made the input box smart and pretty:

  • Highlights what’s important
  • Tells you when there is an error
  • Tells you when something is new (ex: you’re creating a new #tag)
  • Tells you when something is important
  • Gif support! (Copy and paste any .gif link and it will be embedded for you)
  • Drag and drop of files!




 3- Clean up

We’ve cleaned up the interface:

  • Crystal clear font so your eyes get less tired
  • Every button gives you a direct action



  • Easy editing of information




oh… and you might have noticed the logo change as well (Sweet???)




 4- Desktop apps

Your feedback is that Twoodo is too important to just be another tab in your browser…We absolutely agree with that statement!




So we created desktop apps with notifications (so you’ll never miss out anything important).

We’re releasing our beta desktop apps starting next week for download on Windows and Mac! Send us a message, if you are in a hurry.

We’re super excited about it and believe that you will enjoy them.


What’s coming up next?

We’ll it’s up to you, we’ve just set up a feedback channel that is publicly available here: http://twoodo.uservoice.com/

So here’s what we have planned so far:

  • Google Drive integration
  • Integrations (such as Bitbucket, Github and more). Let us know which ones you would like to see!
  • Way faster loading on the web, on the desktop and on the mobile

More feedback = More awesomness… So bring it on!

Happy Twoodoing!

The Twoodo Team