You’re going to love our latest updates

New design, calendar, inline images, notifications…Here are some exciting updates to Twoodo

Introducing the Twoodo Calendar


We’re extremely excited to announce that Twoodo users will now have an amazing calendar to work with! From the calendar you’ll be able to Drag & Drop messages and tasks, get a clear overview of who’s doing what and easily create events and tasks with the help of a super simple date picker.


Brand new design – Ooooh la la!


Mixing simplicity, flexibility and power are no easy tasks. We’ve redesigned Twoodo to lighten it up and make it even easier to adopt. We even tested it on our grand parents to tell you the truth. The new layout will make getting your whole team on board much simpler!



Simpler navigation to make your lives simpler


After a lot of discussion with users (Special thanks to the ones we had amazing Skype talks with), we noticed that finding information was a bit complex, so we revamped the navigation to something that is much more straightforward. Your left menu will now have Teams and Private messages (just like a chat system like Skype) and the segmentation between conversation, tasks, files has been placed on top making it super clear. 


We’ve made room for your company logo where it belongs, right on top!



And we’ve added 14 different themes that you can choose from to match your mood or your company colors.



Images, animated gifs and videos can now be viewed directly in the feed.


Now this is super cool, when you now upload an image (or gif ) or videos from youtube and vimeo, your team will be able to see it directly in the feed without having to leave the site and can add comments as they are viewing it. It makes Twoodo a much more fun place to hang out with your team.

Huge improvements on the Email Integration

We know some team members are slow to adopt new tools. We’ve improved Twoodo’s email integration so that you can now send emails from Twoodo and receive replies directly in your twoodo conversation streams. Non twoodo-members can now fully take art in the action until they decide to sign up.


Company Accounts – Epic control and security!


We’ve re-built our entire system from the ground up to keep your data safer and make your lives simpler.

Instead of a flat team system, we now allow you to organize your information into companies.


So what’s the big deal?? Well now you’ll have a central place to organize all your team members and control who has access to what. In addition to that, your username only needs to be unique for your company, giving you much more flexibility on what you think suits you best. And you’ll be able to upload your company logo to make the site completely yours!

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 09.25.29

You’ll also have options to create teams that everyone can see but only a select few will get notified for. And since everything is under “one roof”, it means that you have more control on the information and making it safer. We’ll be adding more options and control as we go, but this is a very important topic.

Tag search

We know finding information was a bit complicated so we made it as simple as ever. When you do a search now, it appears on top of the page as tags that you can simply remove or refine. The image below illustrates it perfectly. Allowing to quickly start a new search from scratch, clear the current one or refine the current search.




Browser notifications – Be in the Now!


We know when you start using a tool, you might need a bit of help to get your teammates on board, so we added browser notifications so that they can know exactly new messages are sent to them.

So that sums it up. Please let us know how you find the new version and as always send you feedback, questions, rants and praise to [email protected] or directly on Twoodo with the contact form.

Happy Twoodoing!



  • Tomer

    I’m very impressed by it all. I was just getting excited about fetchnotes and then saw how you are taking the concept a step forward, BUT:
    1) when will the reminder capabilities arrive the mobile apps as well?
    2) when can I use it when offline (underground/on my ipad when not near wifi)?
    3) something about the interface on mobile is a bit cumbersome, imho, and it’s should actually be about cleaner in each section (fetchnotes excel in these points, but lacks your other advance features)

    • Denis Duvauchelle

      Thanks for reaching out Tomer!
      1) We are working on syncing with Google calendar (about 95% done) and should be adding notifications soon after :)
      2) It’s in our plans to do so and the team is dying to do it, but there are features that we need to finish up before being able to do so. But rest assure that it will come! We know the pain.
      3) Are you using the iPhone or Android app?


      • Tomer

        Thanx for the quick reply.
        I’m using iPhone4 ios7.
        I have a whole list of ideas for you, nothing that changes what you do, only “fine tuning” ideas I believe, that I’m happy to either email you or post it here.

      • Denis Duvauchelle

        I’ll pass it on to our design team for the design.
        As for feedback, it’s always welcome :) The best way to contact us is through the Twoodo webapp, on the bottom left “Need help?” (I prefer not to post my email here…)
        Then we’ll be able to have the conversation directly on Twoodo!

  • Don Esteban

    Is Twoodo ever going to be released to the public? Did your company sizzle out? It’s been years since I’ve heard anything from you guys.